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Ebara Pumps

Ebara is one of the oldest and largest Pump Manufacturers in the World dating back to 1912 but officially became Ebara in 1920. We employ 16317 people worldwide.

Ebara Pumps UK report to Ebara Pumps Europe SpA with our European Headquarters in Gambellara, Vicenza in Northern Italy. We have a number of Production Facilities in Italy for both Stainless clean water applications and also for Waste water. We also have facilities in Germany and Spain.

In the UK we have 14 staff members currently, operating out of our brand new UK headquarters in Didcot, where we have a stock holding onsite of approximately £1.5m. Worldwide we have a turnover in excess of $3.5bn annually, placing Ebara as one of the worlds largest pump companies based on Turnover, Number of Employees and Global reach.

Ebara are involved in the design and manufacture  of industrial pumps, hydraulic turbines, fans, compressors, gas turbines, domestic pumps, air-conditioning systems, boilers, and also the  production of large chemical and nuclear plants!

Water supply
Waste water and Sewage handling
Effluent treatment
Electro furnaces
Rainwater harvesting
Pressure boosting
Building Services
Air Conditioning
Component Washing
Fire Fighting
Car & T

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