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This is a simple and bold statement, yet the truth is that press fit connection technology encompasses many areas of expertise, and SANHA has over 50 years of experience that we can fall back upon.

System technology is the bringing together of different components, materials and processes to achieve an aim once the domain of skilled individuals, but now achievable for all through simple training. To succeed, system technology must always deliver significant and tangible benefits.

So, for example, making a leak tight plumbing joint required the use of fittings, solder, a blow torch and a skilled and qualified plumber. Now, the sealing material and components are combined, and the heat source replaced by a hydraulic pressing tool. When used correctly, a joint is formed fast and securely, and importantly, is now the responsibility of the manufacturer of the components and tools, not the installer. So not only is it quicker and more practical but the risks associated with making secure connections are significantly reduced.

On the surface, the technology looks very simple, which is the sign of a good system, but the detail requires significant investment and resource. For example, when SANHA developed a new system, comprising of “Lead Free” Silicon Bronze, we had to develop a technology for the analysis of the crystaline grain structure in the raw material. We also had to invest significantly in a completely new manufacturing process, replacing traditional machinery.

But to the installer, we deliver a simple solution for making secure connections. This is system technology, and we are proud to play our part in moving the technology forward, and making it readily available to designers and installers in the Building Services industry.

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