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Franz-Anselm Viegener founded this family-owned company in 1899, thereby laying the foundation stone for the success story behind today's Viega. It all began with the production of beer taps that were sold to local breweries and taverns. But the company grew fast, and the number of products increased. The first additions were drain fittings and overflow fittings, and then, when the first branch works were opened, the range was further extended to include copper pipe connecting elements and plastic products for sanitary facilities.

In the 1960s, the course was set for the internationalisation of the group. Today, Viega brand products are used all over the world.


In the mid 1990s and in the year 2000, Viega revolutionized the market twice in quick succession; first with the introduction of the Viega ‘Profipress’ copper press system and then with the SC-Contur leakpath technology.

Worldwide, more than 4,500 people are employed by the Viega Group, which is among the leading manufacturers of installation technology for sanitary and heating systems.

Viega is working to continue its long-term success at nine locations. While production is concentrated at its four main sites in Germany, the McPherson/USA group manufactures solutions specially designed for the North American market. And the Wuxi/China site focuses on production for the Asian market.

Installation technology as a core skill drives growth forward. Pre-wall and drainage technology belong to the product range alongside piping systems. The range consists of approximately 17,000 articles, which are used nearly everywhere: in building services installations, in utilities or in industrial plant construction and shipbuilding.

Piping technology - product range
■ Copper pipe system: Profipress
■ Thick-walled steel pipe system: Megapress
■ Stainless steel pipe system: Sanpress Inox
■ CuNiFe pipe system: Seapress
■ Steel pipe system: Prestabo
■ Multilayer pipe system: Smartpress
■ Press system tools
■ Easytop valves
■ Gunmetal threaded fittings
■ Chrome plated fittings
■ Soldered fittings

Viega – Connected in quality.

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